On the inside, a modern professional refrigerator with the latest energy-efficient features and perfect temperature control. On the outside, vintage retro styling that makes a striking focal point of any bar or kitchen. It’s cutting edge technology perfectly combined with classic vintage looks.


Like every Precision product, the Retro range boasts a host of features that are either aesthetically stunning, hugely practical, or both.

外壳覆有透明,易清洁的涂层,更持久耐用,易于保养,几乎看不到指纹残留。 多种颜色可供选择,您只需提供RAL色号,我们即可将雪柜喷成您想要的任何颜色。

We’ve made the steel exterior even more durable and practical by giving it a clear, easy to wipe-clean coating. It makes those dirty fingerprints almost non-existent. Alternatively, give us a RAL number and we’ll paint your retro refrigerator to match any color you can dream of.

主要特点 Key features:

  • 不锈钢内胆 & 喷涂钢外壳 Stainless Steel Interior & Painted Steel Exterior
  • 制冷系统置于底盘,可在43℃环境温度下运行 Bottom mounted refrigeration system Designed to work in 43ºc Ambient
  • 内置风道,制冷更均匀 Built-in Air rear Duct for Even Temperature Distribution
  • R134a 制冷剂 - 冷藏 R134a Refrigerant - refrigerator
  • 零ODP(臭氧破坏潜能值)60mm厚的环保型隔热层 Zero ODP Injected Polyurethane Insulation - 60mm
  • +1~+4ºC冷藏温度范围 1 / +4ºC refrigerator Temperature Range
  • 带LED显示屏的节能电子控制器藏于雪柜内部,易于操作。Electronic Controller with LED Display Discreetly positioned inside the cabinet for ease of access
  • 自动周期除霜 Automatic Defrost
  • 电泳防腐处理的蒸发器 Rifle bore Coated Evaporators
  • 重型复古风镀铬把手和铰链 Retro Styled Ultra heavy duty chrome Handles & Hinges
  • 内置LED灯饰 LED Interior Lighting
  • 可调节高度的不锈钢穿孔层网 - 每扇门2个 Adjustable Perforated Stainless steel shelves - 2 per door
  • 高/低温限值警示及指示灯功能 Hi / Lo Audio Visual Temperature Alarms
  • 冷凝器净化警示功能 Condensing unit Safety system to protect compressor from blocked condensers
  • 重型万向轮带脚刹,藏于彩色喷涂支撑脚内 Heavy Duty Brake & Swivel Castors covered by color coded covers to imitate legs


选配 Options:

  • 玻璃门 - 透明玻璃 Glass Doors - Clear Glass
  • 玻璃门 - 菱形玻璃 Glass Doors - Ribbed Glass
  • 冷冻室位于底部左侧 - 见HLRU2 Freezer Compartment In Bottom Left Section-HLRU2
  • 外壳可喷涂成任何RAL色 Exterior Painted To Any RAL Colour