精确制冷参展2019上海国际酒店用品博览会(HOTELEX)Precision Refrigeration exhibiting at HOTELEX Shanghai 2019


Leading commercial refrigeration manufacturer, Precision Refrigeration, will be exhibiting at HOTELEX Shanghai 2019, from the 1st to the 4th of April, at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre.

公司将展示他们最新的创作,产品包含屡获殊荣的复古冰箱系列,肉类老化柜和干鸭柜,备受赞誉的冻杯柜GFS600, 饮料展示柜,红酒柜,食物平台柜以及蛋糕展示柜等等

The company will be showcasing their latest innovations, including the award-winning Retro refrigeration range, meat ageing and duck drying cabinets, the award-winning GFS 600 glass froster, drinks cooling equipment and wine cabinets, food refrigerator counters, and cake displays.

上海国际酒店用品博览会每年吸引2000多家参展商,14万多名参观者和近5000 海外买家。它被公认为是您日记中最重要的全球餐饮展会之一。精确制冷期待在展会上与新老客户见面。

HOTELEX Shanghai attracts over 2000 exhibitors, over 140,000 visitors, and nearly 5000 overseas buyers every year. It is recognised as one of the main global catering shows to have in your diary, and Precision Refrigeration looks forward to meeting with current and potential customers at the show.

欢迎各位莅临指导,展位号 E1D25. 我们期待您的光临!

Join us on stand E1D25 to find out more information. We look forward to seeing you there.


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