历史简介 Brief History

历史简介 Brief History

1968 - 精确工具塞特福德有限公司作为不锈钢制造公司成立。

1968 - Precision Tools Thetford Ltd is founded as a stainless steel fabrication company. 

2008 - 此公司由Nick Williams收购,并更名为精确制冷。

2008 - The company is acquired by Nick Williams and changes its name to Precision Refrigeration. 

2010 - 精确制冷是首个开发并使用Envirofoam,一种基于植物油而非石油的绿色高效隔热层的雪柜制造工厂。

2010 - Precision helps develop and is the first refrigeration manufacturer to use Envirofoam, a ‘green’ high performance insulation based on vegetable oils rather than petrochemicals. 

2011 - 精确设立了CyberChill,一家服务于澳大利亚市场的销售和分销子公司。

2011 - Precision launches CyberChill, a sales and distribution subsidiary for the Australasian market. 

2012 - 精确制冷设备(深圳)有限公司成立,用于服务中国和亚洲市场。

2012 - Precision Refrigeration Shenzhen is founded to serve the Chinese and Asian markets. 

2014 - 精确与Honeywell合作开发了新型的基于重燃料油(HFO)的制冷剂,其比碳氢化合物安全,同时具有较低的全球变暖潜能值(GWP)。

2014 - Precision works with Honeywell on a new HFO-based refrigerant that is not only safer than hydrocarbon, but also has an even lower GWP. 

2015 - 精确制冷(中东)FZE成立,位于迪拜,服务中东市场。

2015 - Precision Refrigeration (Middle East) FZE, based in Dubai and serving the Middle East markets, is formed.

2016 - 精确制冷因集复古外观和最新技术于一身的复古雪柜,赢得Catering Insight-年度最佳重型设备供应商大奖。

2016 - Precision launches award winning Retro Refrigeration, combining vintage looks and ultra- modern technology. Precision wins Catering Insight - Heavy Equipment Supplier of the Year Award.

2017 - 精确计划在英国开始全线使用100%的碳氢制冷剂。

2017 - Precision aims to use 100% hydrocarbon refrigerant across the entire range.